The Liberty Regional Memorial Garden will be located on the front lawn of the hospital campus between Highway 196 (E.G. Miles Parkway) and the front parking area. It will be open to the public. A brick walkway, easily accessible from the parking area, will lead into the Memorial Garden. Benches will be located in several areas of the garden for visitors to sit and enjoy the beauty of the garden and the peaceful sounds of the fountain while remembering the many loved ones memorialized or honored within the garden.

Plans include the future phases of construction to enhance and enlarge the garden to accommodate the need for growth determined by the number of memorials purchased along the way. These future phases may include additional walkways and garden areas, a gazebo, additional seating (benches), etc. The initial phase of the Memorial Garden and any future additions will be funded by contributions designated for this purpose through the Liberty Regional Foundation.

The idea behind the Memorial Garden stemmed directly from the Liberty Regional H.O.P.E. Program and the formation of its Bereavement Committee. The H.O.P.E. Program was originally established as part of the hospital's slate of special services to provide bereavement support for families in the loss of infants, as well as a means to provide education and support for hospital staff in dealing with such loss. (H.O.P.E. is an acronym for "Helping Others with Peaceful Endings".) However, the program has now already grown to also include Bereavement Support for the loss of not only infants but loved ones of all ages.

The Bereavement Support Team includes a bereavement educator, who is also a Registered Nurse, responsible for conducting bereavement training classes for the Liberty Regional staff. Our trainer has attended all required training and has received certification for Neonatal and Pediatric Bereavement. Expanding with the needs of the H.O.P.E. Program, she is now in the process of obtaining the additional training and certification in Adult Bereavement as well.

As part of the H.O.P.E. Program, the Bereavement Committee is spearheading the construction of the Liberty Regional Memorial Garden which will allow families to remember loved ones with a Memorial, such as an engraved brick for the walkway, a plant or shrub, a bench, or simply a donation to the Liberty Regional Foundation, in their memory or perhaps in honor of someone near and dear - relatives, friends, business associates, etc. What a great way to honor and remember those special to us.

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