Board of Directors

Serving Members of the Hospital Authority
Citizens of Liberty County have been serving as members of the Hospital Authority since it was created in April 1958. Liberty County is fortunate to have had such leaders who have dedicated years of volunteer service to providing an adequate health care facility and many jobs in this community. Appreciation of the Hospital Authority's efforts is shown through support of using local physicians and services that are provided by Liberty Regional Medical Center. We proudly recognize all who have served as members of the Hospital Authority of Liberty County:

Present Trustees
James E. Rogers - Chairman
Reginald Pierce, Sr. - Vice Chairman
Steve Welborn - Secretary/Treasurer
James Thomas, Jr.
Stephanie Osteen
Seth Borquaye, MD
Daisy Pray

Former Trustees
Glenn E. Bryant
Colan Manning
Thomas Coffee
Edgar Wells
W. A. Gassaway
H. O. Haymans
W. J. Verross
Lee Hargrove
Charles Smith
J. W. Morgan
Samuel Harris
O. C. Martin, Jr.
Clarence Williams
Jimmy Mobley
Edward L. Haymans
Len B. Graddy, Jr.
Wyman May
Charles Purcer
Sonny Minchey
J. A. Lewis
Frances Smoak
Jack Elder
Cecilia Ong, M.D.
Edna Walthour
Ervin Wells
Dr. Maura Kaczkowski
Nancy Rogers
James M. Floyd, Jr.
Richard Webb
Phillip Troha
Clay Sikes
Christopher Vaughn, M.D.
Durand Standard
Dr. Zorana Sifford
Verdell Jones
Jon P. Long
Alan Baroody
Will Darsey
Bobby Herrington, MD
Brooke Horne

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